Haynesville City Hall

1711 Main Street

Haynesville, LA 71038


Phone: 318.624.0911

Fax: 318.624.1308






Office of Mayor

Beverlee Killgore


The mayor, under the Lawrason Act, shall have the responsibility, power and duty to supervise and direct the administration and operation of all municipal departments, offices and agencies, other than the police department, in conformity with ordinances adopted by the town council and with applicable provision of state law.  All administrative staff shall be subordinate to this office.

The mayor, elected at large, is to have any other power or perform any other duty as may be necessary or proper for the administration of municipal affairs not denied by law.

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Danny Newell - (318-927-2517)

The mayor, subject to board approval, recommends the Town Attorney to provide advice to the mayor, council and other municipal officers.

The office has the responsibility of preparing and/or reviewing any legislation presented to the council. The office is in some cases required to request opinions from the state, so as to provide the appropriate opinion(s).



Penny Fields – (318-624-0911)

 The clerk shall be the record keeper of all proceedings of the mayor and council and keeper of the municipal seal.  This office shall prepare the municipal docket and each case to be acted upon by the mayor and council.

The clerk shall keep such other books and records as may be provided for by ordinance, and shall file in their office and preserve all records and papers pertaining to the business of the town. The clerk is the auditor and tax collector for the town.


Deputy Clerk

Sue Lonadier - (318-624-0911)

 The deputy clerk appointed by the mayor has the responsibility of payroll for all town employees.  All financial transactions for the town are handled through this office in addition to being charged as records management designee.  This office also prepares packets for each council meeting and organizes minutes from each.  Many tasks are shared with the assistant clerk.


Assistant Deputy Clerk

Kathy Harris – (318-624-0911)

 The assistant deputy clerk appointed by the mayor has the administrative responsibilities of the town.  This office receives most phone communication, provides customer service, and ensures the completeness of all employee packets.  The council and general public receive notification of meetings and announcements from this office and the position is the assets management designee for the town.  Many responsibilities are also shared with the deputy clerk.



Danny Newell, Court Magistrate


The Haynesville Magistrate Court is presided over by an appointee of the mayor and board to preside over divisions of law under their jurisdiction, especially violations of City Ordinances.  This division is responsible for maintaining records and reporting those to other entities as appropriate to this office.



William E Maddox,

Wards 2-3-4

C/o Haynesville Police Dept. at 318-624-1311

The constable’s office serves the First Justice of the Peace Court for Wards 2-3-4.  By Louisiana law, constables are fully commissioned law enforcement officers; therefore, they have the authority to issue citations, summons and arrests for violation of any law.


Primary duties as the law enforcement arm of the Justice of the Peace Court includes process server, evictions, sales and seizures, warrants, bailiff, etc., as well as other secondary duties and programs designed to serve the community.



Fire Department

Mark Furlow, Fire Chief

 The Haynesville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1928.  The department is made up of over 30 volunteers assigned to engine, tanker and reserve trucks serving Haynesville and the Norton Shop rural substation.


The response time is 6 minutes or less and maintains a Class 3 PIAL rating (the highest for a town with a volunteer department).  The department trains every Monday night with several First Responders, EMT’s, Paramedics and Flight nurses among the volunteers.


The department is committed to providing the highest quality of emergency and non-emergency response.  The men and women

are proud of the long tradition of excellence in serving the community, and are focused on continuing to raise the level of service in ways that better serve the citizens of Haynesville and District 1.


Police Department

Anthony Smith, Police Chief

The Haynesville Police Department’s mission is to provide protection and services to all citizens, creating a safe environment in which to live and work.  Chief Smith and Assistant Chief Jason Branch head the Police Department.  Full-time and part-time officers, along with a K-9 unit, man the force.  The department is assisted by an auxiliary force instituted to assist at annual and special events, as well as athletic events. 


The Haynesville Police Department is a hometown department with big city technology and is dedicated to keeping the town safe from crime; making for an ideal place in which to live, work and visit.



Justice of the Peace

Mae Kathryn Williams – District 1  -   Wards 2-3-4 (Claiborne Parish)

The office of the Justice of the Peace definition and scope basically is defined as the legal power and authority of jurisdiction to hear and determine an action or proceeding involving the legal relations of the parties appearing before it.  These include civil, special criminal and other powers.

Office Hours: Mondays - 4:00pm -5:00pm

Contact: c/o Haynesville Police Dept. 318.624.1311 



Special Projects Coordinator/Water Clerk

Dedra Williams

The Special Projects Coordinator acts as a liaison between the community and the Mayor's Office.  This position coordinates all town activities including recreation, festivals, schools, and special events.  Duties as Water Clerk include meter reading as well as coordination of water repairs between City Hall and the Maintenance Department.